April 30, 2009


Come closer
Closer still
Let me hold you
Feel the thrill
Your body next to mine
The heated breath of passion
Closely intertwined
Natural attraction
Come closer
Closer still
Tonight there’s no distractions
Just you and me
And the search for satisfaction...


Words so gentle
Touches so deep
Words of forgiveness
Is what we all need
Understanding is demanding
And is hard to learn
But will be worth the price
For whom it concerns

April 28, 2009


Please don't take this entry to serious, it's a playfull, although dark, play with words and imagery.

Your carcass is corroded
  Rotten to the core
I hate your very being
  From the depths of my soul
And to think we once were lovers
  Numbs my mind
To have looked to you for beauty?
  Surely, I must have been blind
Now by your grave deserted
  I smile within my mind
Your carcass so corroded
  Victory is mine!


Intimidating silence
The lack of words to say
What happened
How did we go so astray
   Lips sealed
Nothing to do but pray
This intimidating silence
Is all that remains


One given, one lost
Once used ones trust
Never more, never again
Lost a feeling, lost a friend
One kiss, one I miss
One to much, I lost her trust
Never more, never again
Lost a lover, lost in vain

The drugs don't work

Where does it end when the drugs won't calm you
Where do you go to find some relief
What can you say when no one listens
What can you do to still those needs
Where can I go to find some answers
Where can I hide from the pain I feel
Will I ever find a solution
Find someone my soul to heal...

April 25, 2009

Dance macabre

These lyrics was heavily inspired by The Sisters of Mercy.

Barbed wire kisses
Under a black moonless sky
Your fear growing in strength
Behind a heroin induced smile
The Neon flickers madly
As you kiss the razors edge
Tomorrow is so distant
And tonight's a kiss away

Release or condemnation
You sing, "Come what may"
And dive into the night
And its all engulfing waves
Tonight we kiss the wire
And hope tomorrow never comes
Far too far salvation
We cry "Death, come take us home…"



This is an old poem of mine from the chaotic days of the balkan wars.
A voice whispers a prayer
A man cries by a grave
A boy misses his sister
And it´s just another day
All is total chaos
The World is in dismay
But for the children of Bosnia
It´s life
   The Ordinary way

April 22, 2009


    Burn away the memories
    Burn away the stains
    Sift through the ashes
    Find what hope remains
    Light a cleansing fire
    And the flames will show the way
    Like the bird of Phoenix
    Your soul will shine again


April 21, 2009


What am I
So small and so pale
What am I
Here beneath your shadow
Nothing but naked
Caressed by thorns
Silent in frustration
All the fears of the newly born
What am I
If I’m all alone
What am I
Here beneath your shadow


April 20, 2009

The wall

    In solitude we stand
    And build the wall even higher
    Denying every thought and dream
    As if that would still our desires
    We deny ourselves the pleasure
    Of a single pleasant truth
    In fear of disappointment
    In fear of being used
    In solitude we stand
    And one by one we fall
    Caught behind a mask
    Caught behind the wall

April 18, 2009

Haunting need

Like the spiders kiss of poison
Your tongue inside of me
Feels like benefaction
It fills my inner needs
Slipping inside out a dream
I search for unfound inner mean
With senses cleared, my mind blown out
I kiss the spider,
    I have no doubt


Perfect lovers

Fingers dancing down my spine
And the salty taste of passion
Bodies closely intertwined
And the search for satisfaction
The heat of flesh when bodies meet
Unreachable by distractions
Between the sheets, you and me
We aspire for perfection

April 17, 2009

Little love

Little love
 My sweet surrender
My beating heart
 Will be remembered

Little love
 My soul amender
Heaven sent her
 To make me whole

Little love
 My one desire
Takes me higher
 Makes me pure

Little love
 My one and only
When I'm lonely
 You're all I know


Gathering storm clouds

Again the storms are brewing
Gathering clouds smears the moon
Shaking from the cold within
A hand held out to shield from gloom
This, the constant chaos
The howling of a tainted soul
So distant now what hope was growing
So distant
Now my heart grows cold
And with the rain, the searing pain
The tears that leave you hollow
Comes nothing but despair
The storms are brewing...