May 29, 2009


Att kyssa hennes läppar
Smaka hennes kött
Höra blodet välla
Stilla vid hennes bröst
Att känna denna närhet
Fylld av värme och lust
En gåva få förunnat
Av vördnad är jag tyst
Hettan i passionen
Känslorna som styr
Detta är att älska
I henne är jag ny


Today I'm going to make a exception to my "english only" rule and publish some of my Swedish work. I apologice in advance to my English readers.

Lätta fingrar leker
Smeker ömt din nakna kropp
Söker skänka njutning
Nå höjder du aldrig nått
Lätta läppar kysser
Hud som sammet len
Älskar dig min kvinna
VÅR passion är ren
Ligger vid din sida
Förundras över vad jag ser
Ingen är så vacker
Får mig så att längta efter mer
Lätta lockar faller
Ur ditt underbara hår
Jag smeker dem med njutning
Sen faller lätt en glädjens tår
Lätta läppar leker
Läker dina sår
Helar dig från rädsla
Vi är ett, vi två...

May 24, 2009


Can you hear me?
Do you listen now?
Do you realise
How much you hurt me
Deserted me
In my hour of need
Did you care about the tears
How you inflicted fear
When you swore
With your last breath
Called me a whore
Can you hear me?
Do you feel the pain
All the wounds I've sustained
The scars on my soul
Caused by the one
Supposed to make me whole
Do you realise
How much I needed you
Hated you
Loathed you
Loved you
Through all the tears
Tried so hard
To please you

May 16, 2009


A fairy dance around me
Like a blessed ray of light
Her dress a haze of fabric
Twirling through the night
Blissfully forgetful
Seduced by the sight
I follow on blindly
Her love tonight is mine
And when she gaze upon me
Her eyes like star so bright
I pledge to her "forever"
Forever and my life

May 15, 2009

Breaking point

Something must break
Been too long
To much pain
 To much tension
So many
Holding on to
Something must
  It's all a haze
Screams fade to whispers
and everything grow fainter
Heart revving
Mouth dry
Feeling weaker
a fake?
Something must break

May 12, 2009

Dark paths

I walk on hidden paths
Where shadows dwell
and darkness my trail swallows
Lightly do I tread
Where ghosts wail
and nothing grows but sorrow
In the solitude of sinners
Shrouded in my pain
I walk alone forever
'till nothing more remains

May 05, 2009

For Igor

R.I.P Igor
This is for Igor and all the loved ones gone before him.

Song: Bright eyes

May your paws always tread safely
  and let catnip edge your way
May birds and mice be plenty
  and you my pale hunter, find your prey
May your fur always be shiny
  and your whiskers always straight
In our hearts you'll live forever
However far you stray

May you purr and roll up closely
always be warm and safe
May your water always refresh you
  and your food always be to taste
And when you travel onwards
  and adventures awaits
In our hearts you'll have a home
Our loved furry friend

May 04, 2009

The raven

Loke mentioned Edgar Allan Poe, so naturally I have to add something dark including a raven...

I'm the raven
the darkened heart
the spider
  and the cancer
the ruptured soul
  and all that's dark
I'm the hatred
  and every single sin
the fear
  and all the nightmares
that dwell deep within
I'm the shadow
that follows you around
  and all the noises in the night
when no one is around
I'm every tear that falls
  and the pain that won't subside
your lost hopes and desires
  and all that's been denied
so when the final hour comes
  and you're waiting by the gates
I will be the reaper
showing you the way

Queen L

Far across the oceans
Across the stormy seas
There among the mountains
In the deepest woods she sleeps
The queen of all desires
And the ruler of my heart
Closer than my bathed breath
And yet, a world apart

Far across the oceans
Across the stormy seas
There she walk in shadows
For mortals not to see
In spellbound fascination
For her arms I reach
But far to great the distance
Between my love and me

Far across the oceans
Across the stormy seas
I found my queen and lost my heart
And now for love I bleed...

May 01, 2009

Fetish I

Heavy breathing
Lace and skin
Heated passion
Silky sin
Tongues and fingers
Flesh, my fall
Heavenly angel
Give me it all